Armor LoBH\'s Jango!!


Vec Toryn

Well, here it is, an exclusive look at LittleOleBountyHunter's Jango armor. I hope I got all the pics. :D






Looking good there. (y)
you actually have to spell out image you know, Im not going to do all that cut and pasting :p

J Bear

Now 50% more lazy than before
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:lol: Ya, I know, I ended up editing my post several times to fix LOBH's sn spelling and forgot to refresh between edits, thus causing the tag spelling to revert. All fixed now :D
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Lookin good. Now all you gotta do is sign up for Seeker's class on Jango poses. :lol:
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Thanks everybody. Ive been workin all night on the chest armor, and makin it snaps, and tryin to keep it pressed on my body better but:
mgr-Chest is sintra, Rest is RA ( Thanks a whole bunch RA )
Pantera- They are Kenneth Cole MT Fuji's

Thanks again everybody, Critism is welcome, and the knees will be replaced by RA, once i paint them, and slits are in the jumpsuit for the straps!!!
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The only criticism I have, is that you're wearin a Jango costume, and waivin a Team ESB banner. You some kinda :wacko ?
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