liquid masking...


Jr Hunter
Hi everyone!

I know most people here use the liquid masking that humbrol makes (if I'm not mistaken) and I might use that too, but last night I had a vision, an idea pooped into my head, since I am static modeller, I do a lot of weathering on 1/72 or 1/44 scale planes, trains, etc. , I was thinking of using the salt weathering techniques, but instead of water, I use a thin corn starch solution, we'll see how that turns out when I'm done, do you think its a good idea?

(for those that have no idea what I'm talking about, click this: Step by step Guide to Apply Realistic Paint Chips and Wear with Salt | Scale Model Guide )

Cheers, Ryan( not animefan )


Active Hunter
Did you ever give it a shot? I'd be interested in the results, I'm familiar with the technique, just never seen anyone do it to a lid on here....


Active Hunter
I never really thought the salt technique would lend itself well to what we all strive to replicate here.

One of the major assets of the salt technique is the randomness of it. While it probably can be controlled somewhat I just don't think it would be as useful as masking fluid when trying to replicate fairly exact patterns.

Now that being said...doing this for a custom mando build would probably be a great way to get some neat weathering!
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