Lightening the Dickies Jumpsuit?


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Does anyone out there using the Dickies jumpsuit know of a good way to lighten it up?

I tried bleach with some scrap material I had left over from one jumpsuit and it would basically do nothing. I added more and nothing. I added even more and nothing. I went through this process many times and then I got the tannish brown blotches in the material. This was even after letting the bleach diffuse through the water so that it wouldn't be concentrated in any one place.

The only other option I can think of is putting it out in the sun and letting it bleach out naturally. I may climb up on the roof of my apartment building and pin it down directly on the roof!:)

Any peeps out there with the Dickies have any luck or even tried lightening it up?

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!(y) (y) (y)
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I saw a topic on here similar to this and someone had mentioned that RIT makes a color remover thats supposed to be more gentle, and work better, than bleach.

Thats about all that I remember of the thread though... It was just a quick mental note... Hope it helps.

The Dickies suits are near impossible to lighten up. I used the RIT color remover, and got it to lighten just a tad but not really that much. I ran it in the remover like 6 times through the washing machine with a very heavy concentrate.
yeah i got a blue big mack suit for 2bucks 85% cotton used a 50/50 bleach+ water,not even a dent looks like the navy blue suit my girlfriend wore for rosie the riveter 2yrs ago:facepalm
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