Let's see your MS bucket interiors!!!

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Now that a few of us have received our interiors I was looking to see who has successfully installed a set. :D

Also any problems along the way,or tips to installation etc. From the looks of mine the first thing I notice is that the MQ-1 calculator board sticks up pretty high thus I'm going to have to cut out a recessed area of the rear "interior" peice to fit over the calc. board. also the screw heads for the RF protruding through will have to be modified,with thought of future maintenance for this part built in.

I'm looking forward to a NICE installation once I'm done and have some other tweaks to the exterior of mine to do first. Mainly the rangefinder stalk to be tapered and install my MS 3-peice RF to the stalk and weather the whole stalk itself.

I want to get mine all test fitted dry first. Then I'll paint and install. Incidentally,what kind of glue are you all thinking of using to install these? It'll need to be something with good grabbing power for the initial stick and superb holding power for longevity. I've tossed around Liquid Nails for "Panelling" since it's designed for the initial "grab"......

I think krazyglue would work,but it's too thin...even the thick stuff is too thin. Which led me to some construction adhesives. I've used the polyurethane construction adhesives at home for the uber bond when necessary,but it doesn't have good grabbing power.:facepalm

Bondo, bondo, bondo... and just a few dabs ill do ya! That is what I am using... most likely. I thought about the idea of having them removable just incase I was ever to sell the bucket becase I dont want to ever sell the foam inserts. So perhaps I need to get a bit more invintive.
i got mine already painted & installed. i needed to trim about 1/2 to 1/4 of the base off so i could fit my head in. painting wasnt hard at all. i used super glue on the verry edges of the peices so i can take them off if my head didnt fit. luckly my head fit in perfect. i used a rustolium nutmeg on the padding peices. & used chrome on for the silver. i hand painted the chrome so it looked really worn. the red is claret wine or somthing like that. im uploading pics right now but they really dont do it justice. they are fuzzy & my room really needs a ceiling light or somthing cause its dark as h3ll in here. anyway ima upl;oadem in 5 min so you guys can tell me what you think. ill borrow my friends camera tommorow & take much better pictures. his camera is awsome.
OK here they are. Tell me what you guys think. i can still do changes. :)








By the looks of yours they must paint and weather fantastic!!!!!! How did you go about trimming off the 1/4-1/2" off? I have used an electric kitchen carving knife to cut foam in the past with laser accuracy and thought this would be another product to use my knife on. I opted for the hard original material,but it is still foam so cutting it won't be a problem.

I only see myself trimming the block foam pads to make them more pliable.

The only forseeable challenge is going to be cutting out a deep enough area to fit over my MQ-1. I'll trim the edges first and then go in with something else. I thought about cross cutting and then diagonal to get the bulk of the material out. Then a coarse dremel sanding drum to smooth out the foam enough to fit over it.


ya i encountered that problem with my MQ-1. i compleatly hollowed out the back peice luckly the outside foam doesnt tear as eassly as the inside foam.
OK what i dod is i took a razorblade. just the blade. & picked the desired amount i wanted left. the only peces i didnt touch were the 2 side pieces that go where the ears are. those fit perfect just as they were. the padding & back peice were the major problem. after i trimed around the 3 peices i just went & tore the backs out. then i hollowed out the blocks by tearing the foam out manualy on the padding. for the backpeice i held me finger on the outside (hard surface) & put the razorblade CAIRFULY in. i then cut around the deeper part of the area where the MQ-1 was gunna go & cairfuly tore out the inside foam untill the pice was genteraly hollow except for the round disk. lucky that fit. i also had to cut the bottom of my MQ-1 off (the peice that doesnt show through the keyholes. that way it fit perfectly. another thing you may have better luck doing in this complicated proses is sanding the back of the MQ-1 to about the thickness of a regular circut board. but becairful cause when its that thin its verry delicate. hope that made scence. if ya need a picture juat ask me. the back peice is only glued in by the corners in my helmet & can easly be removed if you need a visual aid. always happy to help :D
Hollowing out the foam blocks is a great idea! I hadn't given thought to that. It'll make them more pliable to go against the side. I've been working on resizing my RF stalk tonight and getting the exact angle of the RF itself on there. It's not a perfect 90 degrees in AoSW,but I'll have to look at some promo pics from ESB to see if it was in the film.

Ahhhh Fett...whats would thou do without without thou:lol: (besides have more cash)

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