Lets put this under the microscope= ESB Range finder


Jr Hunter
1. Are the LED's resessed, flush or sticking out a tad bit?

2. Are there two notches/screws on the right side of the range finder? The seen on the bridge of vaders command ship it apears that there are, there are only 2 - 3 frames of this angle. Right after Vader walks in front of Bosk before crossing in fron of fett. The five star DVD gives a clear shot of this.

3. What the heck is it? I've heard it's a part from a record player arm?
1) Sticking out a tad bit if I remember correctly (pics will follow)

2)Not sure exactly what you are talking about there, but I'll check it out on my Five Star.

3)The record player arm/cartridge head theory was advanced on either this board or back when it as AYW (As You Wish). Click here for the original post.There were some moderately close candidates, but I don't think anything was ever found that merited further investigation. I would say the book is still open on the rangefinder, since we're still not sure if it was a found piece or fabricated piece.
I do know that the rangefinder that comes with the movie sized helmet is totally resculpted to match that of the ESB helmet.The DP ones are wrong for doing an ESB,but are more on line with the ROTJ helmet.

True the photos of the of the ASOW Rangefinder have the LEDs recessed. But if you look closely at the following photo of the AOSW RF LEDs, it looks as if the LEDs have fallen down/inside the RF by some measure. The RoTJ LEDs appear to be slightly raised as do the LEDs on the last PrePro before the ESB suit.


Does anyone have a pic of the color of the LED's (while not lit) for the ESB helmet. Maybe it's the cover at the base of the arm instead of the cartridge? or maybe a combanation of the two?
I think both of the ESB LEDs are red. There may be a shot or two from above the AOSW exhibit showing the LEDs. I'll have to check again.
The original Hero ESB helmet seems like it has the "original" part,or what must have been the stylus that was used.The ROTJ ones look like they are missing a piece,or if it was cast that during the process prior to casting the peice was removed for whatever reason.I drilled out my RF so that the LED's are recessed completely for my ESB helmet.They are also both red from every picture that I've gathered/seen,and been in discussions about in 4 years. :)

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