Left gauntlet rocket or laser?

phantom viper

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Ok guys, I have been thinking. Around hear people call the part on Boba's left gauntlet a rocket but in ROTJ he shoots at Luke with it like a blaster. So what do you guys think rocket or laser? Or does it double as both? excuse me if This has been brought up before but I have never seen a thread discussing this.:D

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Tyler Durden

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I believe it was originally intended to be a laser- not a rocket. It just happens to look like a rocket, hence the confusion.

A similar thing happened with the tip of the jet pack. It sort of looks like a rocket tip, but it was entended to be a grappling hook. Yes, I know, kind of kooky logic to have a grappling hook coupled with a jet pack. But hey, they just wanted the character to look cool. :)