Left Gauntlet Flame-Thrower Construction Question

Jedi Bob

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I am about to finish up this piece and wanted to know if the inside of the FT (nozzle) should be painted prior to inserting the 2 nozzles.

I was going to glue the 2 holed attachement in and then when it is all done and painted, just glue in the 2 nozzles.

Sound right?


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Hey JB, I assembled the nozzels on to the 2 hole support separate to make sure that they where glued the right way. Then I painted the inside of the flamethrower in aluminum and after it was dryed just attached the entire (painted and weathered) nozzel setup to the flamethrower housing. After that I just glued the bottom part of the flamethrower.

I then painted the flamethrower covering the nozzels so that they would not get painted. ;)

I found it easyer to assemble the nozzel setup first.

I hope I was of some help. :)