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I'm thinking that my drilling skills are poor, and not having a pillar drill I won't be able to drill my shiney new stalk (and I don't wanna spoil it)
SO, I was thinking to keep the LEDs selft contained in the RF - would the LEDs run off of a coin battery (say a CR2032) or something?

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That's how mine work. No hollow stalk for me. Everything is in the RF. The circuit was bought here (don't remember who) I do know that they did a great job. (y)
Paging Hyperdine ... LOL
(Does he still cruise this board)

YEOUCH - just saw his prices = more saving up to do I think before I go to him.
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the set up I did, was really simple, a button cell battery, size 2025, and that will easily run 2 LEDs. I just wired them to a mercury switch, but you could do a circut board too for the strobing, just a little solder and you'd be set. Tight fit, but it will all fit, if I didn't hot glue my top down, I'd get a quick shot of it.
I talk to Hyperdine a few weeks ago when I got my servos and stuff for my bucket. not to quote him but hes redoing the set up to make it smaller, so it might be a few more weeks for the RF lights.

BTW, great guy to deal with, id buy from him if I ever need to.
I am working on an RF board, but it is running off a 9V in the helmet. Which means wires need to run down the stalk. I am considering making a mod to run off coin batteries so it all stays contained in the RF.
You can go to a A/C and Heating place and ask if you can pull one out of the trash. OR you can PM me and I can pull one out of the trash since my fam owns a A/C and Heating Co.
Hey guys,

Yeah I still cruise around from time to time. :)

I just got some new RF light boards in, they were reworked to fit better in SingleSeat's awesome rangefinder (see his tutorial thread for more details). I moved the LEDs and stuff to match up with his mods so it is easier to install the same way SingleSeat did in his RF shell.

If you are interested in this version just let me know. I have about 6 units I can build up...
Hard as hell to find mercury or tilt switch, thanks to terrorist bastards! Anyone know a supplier of something that will work?
TD5200 said:
Hard as hell to find mercury or tilt switch, thanks to terrorist bastards! Anyone know a supplier of something that will work?

try mouser - they have "tilt" switches, work just like mercury ones.

and they are a "tad" bit safer if they ever break open....
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