launchable rocket ?has anyone ?

Yroc Yar

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the star garrison is working on a fan film and i just happen to get to play boba fett . yeah me !!!!!

i get to shoot the rocket from my jet pack and " take some folks out ".

what i wanted to know is , has anyone ever used those little model rocket engines to do this with ? i'm sure it will work .
we will definantly test it before determining whether or not i will do this . and of course have a fire extinguisher handy . but if it makes to much of a blast we may set up my mannaquinne . alott saffer that way .
Why dont you just launch the rocket from a fishing line and pull it off really quick like the did for the landyard in rotj. You can add effects to it later if you have a computer with movie editor.
Asbestos-lined fabric, like the stuff oil-field fire fighters wear is great to help reduce the probability you will fry your skin too much. However, one tiny mistake and your neck, head and shoulders will be roasted. The solid propellant in those tiny rocket motors is....what am I trying to say...oh yes...EXPLOSIVE!

Use Photoshop, Final-Cut Pro, AfterEffects to get similar results.

Seriously, be careful man.

Trooper TK409 wrote:

No, and I don't recommend this, but for heaven's sake make sure you have some kind of heat shield covering your neck - ouch.
Why not use a CO2 rocket. It is a lot safer. The paintball folks know have a large disposable cylinder that might be adaptable as an engine. Estes used to sell them as well.

The standard engines are WAY TOO DANGEROUS!!; I had one blowup on me once. Pelted me with paper and balsa and I was 15 feet away. Only the nose cone survived and it was only a C size engine.

Good luck.


P.S. Estes currently has air powered rockets available. Always add the fire and smoke later
you are crazier than I am. I have done stupid stuff with model rockets for almost 10 years now, and dont do this. Even if you are 100% for sure that nothing will go wrong. Don't.
GO FOR IT ! :evil

JUST KIDDING ! ! ! ! ! Probably NOT the best idea. Maybe you could use one of those pressureized water rockets. Getting a little wet is better than burnt.
I second the motionJust be sure that whatever your jet pack is made of won't fall apart if exposed to water. (i.e. paper mache or balso wood anywhere in the construction) to use a water rocket.
well ,
after pondering the facts in this case i have decided NOT to do a live rocket on my back . this is a perfect example of why TDH rules!! .there are always plenty of other people who have done what you are about to try or who know more about why you shouldn't try it .we will do it one of the other " safe " ways .thanks for all of your posts in this matter .

I was thinking of using small rocket engines in the thrusters just to get a smoke/sound effect, it could be done safe except the cape hanging by it. it would look jinda corny to lean slightly forward,pull the cape out of the way and then whoosh. oh well

BTW if you put an engine in the rocket then you would have an out of controll projectile, getting burned is one thing but imagine if someone took it upside the head OUCH
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