Knee armor using "modified" WoF plans


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I tried to use the directions to make my knee armor using the three pieces to make the main body of the knee and get the curved shape. It was working okay at first, but the two ) pieces kept snapping off when I would try to fill in the crevices.:angry

I searched around and found something at Meijer that I thought matched the shape pretty close. A "fungo" bat. The big over-sized bat and wiffle balls that they sell in the toy section. I bought one there for 1.99 and brought it home, cut out and assembled the template and it fit over the curvature of the end of the bat almost perfectly.

The plastic of the bat was a little more flimsy than I was expecting once I cut it open, but I just reinforced the back with bondo:






The brand on the bat is Ja-Ru toys and they come in red and yellow (I chose yellow because it was such a nice match to the ending color anyways!!)

If you line up the templates carefully enough you can get both main knee-body pieces out of one bat!
Fett prop artist said:
nice! I did the same thing, and thats how I made my molds for fiberlgass. Did you use a wood lathe to make the block or do it by hand?

By hand if a Dremel counts. I used the Dremel to rough out the shape and then a sanding sponge to get the final finished shape. The blocks I made are balsa wood to keep them light, but I glued a 1/8th thick piece of plywood to the bottom of the balsa wood to give the screws something hard to grip into.

I had to put a thin layer of bondo over the wood and sand it down to get it smooth for primer. It's near impossible to get the grain out of balsa wood.
Sheriff Roscoe said:
Those are good looking knee armour, fine work indeed (y) are you going to wear as is or cast them ?

I am building a static display for my art room. I have thought about duplicating a few pieces given time.
Very nice work!! Using the bat is a great idea!! I 'm going to give this a try can never have too many pieces of Fett armor.

Thanks for sharing

Makan said:
yea, me to.......i dont know what to do:cry

GOOP does work good though. Just put enough on and clamp it heavily. Give it a long time to dry. I gave each piece about a day and a half.
Makan said:
where can i find goop?

Home Depot
Advance Auto

Usually close to paint supplies in most retail stores.

You can get Automotive GOOP at the auto stores. Personally, I think all GOOP comes from the same tub and they put it in different tubes.

It contains Toluene so be mindful of the fumes.(y)
thanks alot man, i have one more question, where can i pick up bondo....i live a very shelterd life....i know little about the force, and less about life!;)
Not to ressurect old threads (even though it is mine;))...

Just thought I would drop a quick post for anybody who's interested in knowing that Meijers currently has these same bats on clearance for .50 cents.

I bought another one for future use.

Not sure how spread across the US Meijers is, but there are probably other sources for this same bat. The maker was discussed earlier in the body of this thread.
I wish that I had known about the bat method earlier. I would've gotten you to pick one up for me and send it along with the gauntlet missile.
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