Knee Armor *possible run* - Sign up!


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FG Knee Armor *possible run* - Sign up!

Just finished my knee armor and would like to do a run here. I will offer these for:
£35 ($65) including the dart launchers
£30 ($56) without dart launchers
Shipping = £5.00 UK ($20 USA)

They are sanded and primed in grey, ready for you to paint and attach the launchers.

I sculpted these with the help of the "laser measuring photos" I found here on TDH, so the size and shape of these is damn near the originals!

Let's get a few people on board and I'll discuss delivery times.


1. FettTheHunter (+ launchers)
2. Laan •PAID•
3. Nomadd (+ launchers - no dent)
4. Boba Swede (+ launchers & opaque RF) •PAID•
5. mandalore697 (+ launchers) •PAID•
6. Defiler (+ launchers)
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Jango's knee armour is WAY different badger.

Jango's are different, but in my opinion....not that much! Jango's are a little more angular in places and have one less groove on the inner side (see pic) but still look very close to Boba's, it's up to you.

It's no problem to supply you a pair without the dent if you want them, please let me know.

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I'll have to think about it, I'm only a maybe at this point.

If that puts me off the list, that's fine. Money is tight right now. :(

I do need new knees to upgrade teh sintra ones I have, but I am not sure if I can afford.

Well i got mine yesterday and.. i was blown away!! The craftmanship is incredible.! I dare say they look even better in real life than they do on the pictures... usually it's the other way around..

Great job Bobamaker!! :cheers
I had the left one on the side of my work table in the shedd and it got knocked and broke into three pieces.. no one is owning upto it !! :(
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