Knee armor height?



I was wondering if anyone could help me- I'm currently making my own knee armor, and I wasn't exactly sure what the dim was. I'm scaling off photos, which I've done successfully before (lucky is more like it) with my suppressors and GK grills, but somehow I don't get a feel of scale off the "wraparound" knees.

If I had the height, I could probably work from there.:facepalm

BTW, they're fiberglassed cardboard.;)
I'm working on a set of metal knee gaurds right now. I'M having a little hard time myself.Some picks of reference would be sweet.
Ive scaled off of some photos and I made mine approx 3.65" high, which is a little short....since I scaled using the helmet dimensions off of my DP deluxe.
Hope it helps....
Was anyone able to come up with the height of the MoM exhibit's knee armor? I remember someone taking laser measurements not too long ago.

I know that I'll have to adjust my template for my overall height, but I was just wondering what the 'real' ones were.
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