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Does anyone know how they originally attached the knees when they filmed? I have my elastic, and was going to glue the elastic on the outer part (in the armor, of course) and velcro it on the inner part (inner leg). Will that hold?
I'm not sure how they originally attached, but I have elastic glued into my knees with snaps on them. My knees are
heavy and the snaps hold pretty well. I used 2 part epoxy that came as a gel to hold the elastic on. It wraps all the way around the inside of the knee from end to end, and it has never come undone, even when I had to kneel for a picture (I thought the guy in front of me was gonna get a piece of knee armour in the back of the head :lol: ) they only tend to slip down because of the weight. I know Bobafettish also put velcro on the inside of the knees and the front of his jumpsuit to prevent his from slipping. I hope this helps.
The velcro on the inside is a must. I also used elastic with velcro closure for the back. These babies aren't going anywhere.

Well, that red X is supposed to be a picture of them. For whatever reason, Printroom's pics don't want to work here anymore. I tried using Secol's site, but the pic was too big to load. :(

Anyway, there is velcro glued to the inside center of the knee armor itself. It attaches to velcro sewn to my jumpsuit. In addition to that, I glued elastic strips to both sides of each piece. There is the soft velcro on one piece, and the rough side on the other. The picture speaks for itself if it ever shows up. :facepalm
I did the same thing, Bob. I used snaps instead of velcro on the elastic but it still worked great. And ditto the velcro on the knee. Elastic is great but that only means that it'll be attached all the way around your ankle when it slides down ;)

I just found a set of knee pads at home depot they cost $4.00.
They are made of dence foam which is useless for Fett however the Velcro strap on the back is fantastic. It is very strong and made from good heavy elastic. So for those of us who don't like to sew this is a set of super knee armor straps
for just $2.00 each.
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I found the straps just absorbed my epoxy glue. Any other tips?

I think I'll try epoxy again, I think the first try has now fully saturated the straps so they shouldn't be able to absorb anymore epoxy.
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