Kinda concerned about my new bucket....

Hey guys, let me start by saying that when i ordered my Rubies Jango helmet, I wasnt expecting astounding quality or craftsmanship, but rather something that I could use as a base for a fun little customization project....I found a deal on ebay and ordered the thing for something close to 50 bucks (which isnt too terrible for what Im looking to do) so I bought it.

I cant seem to find any reliable pics of what the Rubies Jango looks like in its new, boxed form. I've seen post-modification pictures, but nothing more than file photos from the manufacturer when I look for pics of the standard helmet. Now I know that there are 2 versions, and I didnt get the one that is a two-piece mask. The one I got is labeled as the "Rubies Deluxe Jango Helmet"

In the few pictures I can find, the mask is shown to have a full T Visor, but I stumbled across an old thread on here that says that those pics are bogus and photoshopped, and the helmet in fact has only a partial T Visor....this was kind of frusterating, but its nothing some modification wont fix. The helmet also apparently lacks the pinstriping that is shown in the pictures.

Can anyone provide me with some sort of UNALTERED picture of what I should expect in a couple days when my package gets here? Again, I've done enough research to know that the helmet I ordered is far from perfect, but it will also suffice for what I need. I would really like some sort of idea of what to expect and how much work is cut out for me....

**As a side note, I've also been reading about the wonders of "Rub n' Buff" and I'm wondering if it will work with a helmet like this? Or is it mainly suited for the higher end fiberglass kits? Thanks alot for your help everyone!


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Well unfortunately Rubies posts a picture of the screen used helmet. You are going to receive the helmet with the partial T-Visor, and dull painted helmet without the pin striping.
Ok, thanks....after reading those threads I realized this was most likely the case.....I'm kinda dissappointed, mainly because now I will have to mess with swapping out the T Visor....Oh well, this could be a fun project in the end...


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The rubies helmet is a piece of ****. I feel horrible that you were too, susceptable to the false advertisement. I also would like to point out that they did not use the real screen used helmet as previously thought. It is in fact a highly modified rubies they made to fool me and you.
Here are some picture to prove it. Firts one is probly a picture youve never scene of the "oster child" helmet. Please notice the earcap, and HOW SOLID and SO NOT LIKE THE REAL THING


Now look how much better this helmet is. If all their helmets they sold to you and me looked like this, I wouldnt be talking about this right now. Heres the next picture that you probably saw when you bought it. Its the same one, but its smaller, and you cant see all the major details, which leads many to belive its the real helmet.


I thought that when I bought it, it was gonna arrive looking like this. But you know what? It didnt. Here's what your really gonna get!

oh worm wood, worm wood!


See the difference, and to add to it, the one just above is the best shapen rubies out of the box I have ever scene! There is no full visor, you only can see as much if you were looking through a microscope! Im probly famous here for my rants on how much I hate rubies, but there is justification in it. I only wish to inform the innocent that the guilty are out to make you another victim of their immoral crime to fool us.

well guys, I got my new helmet. I can honestly say that for what I paid, and for what I plan on doing, its not a bad piece at all. Sure theres much better to be had, but my helmet isnt warped in the least bit, it looks good on my head, its durable enough for what I need, and best of all it wasnt expensive! I'm going to make a custom costume, which means a custom helmet, and in my opinion theres no better place to start than a cheap helmet. I'd rather screw up and learn from my mistakes on a 50 dollar Rubies than a 250 dollar fiberglass bucket. All in all, I'm satisfied, and definately looking forward to getting started on this project! I'll keep you guys updated on my progress:)