Kill strikes on bucket



Would I be cheating if I used Lucky31's sticker kill strikes?

Does actually painting them on look more authentic? I am afraid if I get the stickers that it will have that raised look.

Curious because I am about to start painting my helmet and is saving time worth it?


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Painting them really takes no time at all, and they don't look raised, which is nice.


All I did was measure, space them out, and use masking fluid to fill the spaces and the damage.



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I agree with Deathproof. I usually find the killstripes one of the easier parts to paint. And it looks better


What's good about painting them also, is that you can size them correctly to fit with the size of your helmet, so all the damage looks the correct scale (y)

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Have to be painted on Esb...they change colors. On Rotj you might could get away with it but still won't look right as some are kind of faded looking

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Trying to paint them on may seem a little daunting, but they will come out thinner than vinyl decals.
With the decals you have to be just as careful when you're applying them otherwise they can wind up in the wrong position
and then they won't quite look right.

I'd agree with the guys who posted above. . . take the extra time to mask and paint them. I did a killstripe tutorial a while
back, so this may give you some idea of what's involved: