Key hole question

Ok well im painting my helmet, and i just got done removing the fake plastic visor(rubies). will i didnt have my dremle, so i had to manualy saw it out:p . well i dont think thats an option with taking the key holes out, any ideas?:confused
If you don't have a dremel you should be able to drill a bunch of holes and cut chunks out then clean up the keyholes with a file.
HAHA:lol: i build modle cars all the time i dont know why i didnt think of the exacto knife...ok thanks. oh any ideas on the grate in the back?
Ok well im done now!SWEET hah couldnt find my exacto knife so i used some of my sharp would carving tools. worked like a charm. ill post a pic just for fun.8) thanks again everyone.
edit: heres the pic
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