Just Wonering about a flight suit


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I was walking through walmart trying to find cloths that actually fit me, when I stumbled across the Dickis section. I found what I needed (well, a few things that was for tall people like me) when I saw that they had coveralls that resembles the flight suit of Jango. I pulled it out for a quick glance, and it seems the right design to use it as a costume flight suit. The one I saw there was just a plain coverall, dark blue, no logos that I remembe, front zipper ending just above the waist, which had an elastic at the waist. The other good thing about this coverall, is that it was short sleeve, and would cut off where you would need it to for the suits double sleeve, you would just nee to wear a long sleeve shirt of the same material and color, obviously, or just sew it on. Im just throwing this out because I havent seen anyone ever mention the Dickies coveralls as a possible flight suit item. I know that there are several versions of their coveralls, and I wouldnt doubt it if there was something you could use.



I was looking at the grey dickies coveralls myself. If you decide to go with that kind of jumpsuit and local stores don't have it, go to dickies main website and they have all shapes and sizes.


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It can be done and I'm sure a lot of people take a similar route. The main things that require modification are the color (none of the stock colors match Jango's suit), the sleeves (including that inner seam), and the collar.


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I did my first Boba Fett Flightsuit out of 2 Dickies and i was very happy with the result (and learnd a lot btw).
You need to buy 2 of the coveralls to sew one Flightsuit out of it.

Thats how some people on this board started their Taylorcareer:)

I now use my own fabric so i can get closer to the original and make it more accurate.

Doing Fett Parts by yourself is how the most of us started and what the board makes so interesting.

Keep on doing your own work(y)


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My V1 Boba has a Dickies jumpsuit with the modifications. It served its purpose, but has recently been upgraded with one of Ruffkintoy's...