Just a little show off thread of my helmets :D


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I'm nearing completion of my Jango bucket from a modified DP95 and I also just recently received an awesome helmet from Marrow_Sun (Thanks again bud(y)), so I just wanted to show it to you guys.

Here are the helmets from left to right:
DP 95 green interior - My FG bucket that I reworked from a plaster casting of the same DP 95 - Marrow_Sun helmet



The standard DP is the smallest, but the one I resculpted and modified is just a little smaller in width and height of the Marrow_Sun helmet.

Thanks for looking
Thanks guys.

SEEKER wrote:

nice. is that rub & buff ont the jango?
Actually, I tried rub and buff on my first attempt at painting this helmet, but I didn't quite know the technique of keeping it off the blue on the helmet (smudging, defined edges etc.)
This is now painted with Krylon Original Chrome, it's a little too "new", but I can fix that with weathering.
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