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TK Fett

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Does anyone have the pattern number for the discontinued Simplicity jumpsuit pattern? Or a good substitute?


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Hi. Im new here and have been following the forums for a couple of months and have been making my own Boba Fett. I found a pattern by Mcall's that turned out really well. I used the pajama's jumpsuit and made slight modifcations to it and it turned out nice. Mcall's pattern # 3860. Good luck!

Jangos kid

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I used a pattern from green pepper called the "black bute Jumpsuit" I dunno if they still make em, but its a good base coverall, and pretty easy to sew.

EDIT: OK, just looked on green pepper website & they still have them available. If you can't track down a simplicity pattern, I would highly recomend this one;)
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