Glove Template/Pattern


Jr Hunter
Anyone have a glove template/pattern they can send my way.

I have seen several on there but the link takes me to a blank page.



John Spendow

New Hunter
Hey Pucksdown I don’t specifically have a pattern for you but I can tell you what I did for mine. I used white cotton gloves from Dents and dyed them. I’m working on a PP1 Boba so mine are a darker brown but just dye them the appointment color for your kit. And then I had help from my wife and we specifically measured my hands in the gloves for the dimensions needed for the finger pads and pads on the back of my hands. We just used normal paper from a printer to get the pattern cut out based on those measurements. This photo is of the pads pinned on before hand sewing them on. The patches for PP1 were added later.

Finished gloves


I know this isn’t quite what you were looking for but tonight I’m happy to measure the size of the different pads but again they were sized more for my hands than a generic pattern.
I did all of the fabric dyeing before assembling and sewing.

John Spendow

New Hunter
So here is the pattern we used for the back of my gloves. Again these measurements are for my hand but it will give you an idea. This allowed for 1/4 inch seam allowance once the pads were sewn together. We added quilt-light batting between two layers of the tackle twill for the pads on the back of my hands and fingers. It gave it a more quilted look.

For my fingers we just measured from the tip of the finger to just above my knuckle. Again with the gloves on and then tried to make them all appear even.
Hope this helps.