Jumpsuit Options ?


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I am slowly making my own Boba Fett and I was wondering what options others here have used for their Jumpsuits...

I found a few places online that sell jumpsuits and they look nice, and with a bit of modification may do the job, what do you think?

These Flightsuits look good too, at $50.00 each they are a little pricey but could be worse!

Their Khaki color looks close (Not exact):


This one also looks promising at $31.26:

http://www.bargaintable.com/Product.aspx?Product=RTH-9502#Charcoal Grey Flightsuit
Huh. Using the shirt for the extra material is a great idea! Has anyone done this??? it looks like the fabrics might be slightly different. I wonder if this would be noticeable?

Pardon my ignorance, but is twill 100% cotton? Will it take dye?

Ya I got both and they where the same material but I couldnt sew so it looked bad, and I gave up. The twill is 100% cotton yes.
i have one of those jumpsuits from the first pic. Got it at a Sherper's by me which is military surplus.

if someone wants it I'd let it go for as low as $25 shipped in the US.

It was tried on once, and i believe it's a size large. Which would fit someone between 5'9"-6'2" nicely. I've outgrown it since I got it and never got a chance to start altering it. It was never worn outside. PM if anyone is interested

i bought a jumpsuit pattern and a bunch of 100% cotton material(white), i also bought the all cotton thread for ease of dying but am now wondering if that is stong enough. anyone use the 100%cotton thread and have any problems with it??

now if i ever get the sewing machine hooked up :rolleyes
Since I'm going to be doing a Mandalorian variant, I don't have to stick to the Boba/Jango grey/blue coveralls. So I've found a set of SWAT tactical coveralls for $58 at a site that I'll post below so you can check it out. My armor is going to be all black so the black coveralls will be perfect. I really only picked this set because they were black and cheaper than buying a Boba flightsuit. So if anyone comes across a nice black flightsuit/coveralls cheaper than $58 I'd appreciate someone tipping me off-PM me and fill me in. Thanks!


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