jp attachment hooks

I know this subject has been talked about regarding jp harness's many times but has anyone used some kind of hooks to just hook a jp onto the back armor? if so i would love some pics or advice for something simple..:jet pack

Jangos kid

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You mean right to the actual backplate without a harness/strap system???? I think thats what they did with the stunt suit in ROTJ & almost strangled the guy witht he collar pulling into his neck. I wouldn't recomend doing it that way. I don't use a harness myself, but sewed the straps right into the jumpsuit. Works prertty well, but I have an MLC that weighs next to nothing. Dunno if it would work with a heavier pack???


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I use a camel back for mine. It simply requires two clips at the shoulders to hold the jet pack on.
Remind me at FanExpo and I'll make sure to show you my set up. ;)