Jodo`s new armor pic

Jodo Kast 3

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I just bought a new digital camera and just got my new gauntlets and wanted to show off a little costume progress. It will be finished by DCon...

Looks very cool, coming along great :)

Are the gauntlets supposed to be so bright? Or will you be weathering them?

Sometimes I feel like I'm the National Advocate for Prop Weathering or something. Feels like I'm always dropping in somewhere going, "looks awesome, now beat the crap out of it!" or something similar.

It really does look great,
How's the rest coming along? The gun?

Yup very nice man. I'm with Journeyman. I'm soooo into wearthering. Wait till you see my Sandtrooper. heh heh.

Looks awesome Jodo. and weathered the heck out of it when you're done. :D

Needs more weathering.
Yeeeaaaah Jodo!!! Looking good man, real good!! I know it's been a long time for you, and I look forward to sharing your excitement when at long last, you unveil... Jodo Kast!!

And like Pooty-Tang would say "We'll catch that pitty on the tippy tine. Cappa town." Word. :lol: :lol:

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm talking about....anybody seen my car-keys? :(
Thanks everyone...

Believe it or not, thats a bad pic of the gauntlets. They are weathered and they do match all of the other orange on the costume, its just a bad pic. I`ll have to shoot some more for everyone.
I want to say thank you to everyone for all the encouragement you guys and gals have given me over the last couple of years!!! I will keep up the good work and more pics to come...I promise.

Sweet, Jodo. It's about time. I know you've been working on that a long time. It's finaly paying off!! Looking good!
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