Jetpack Attachment


After watching the Mandalorian season 2 I’ve had some questions regarding the Jetpack attachment method used on screen. Most of us use harness systems to attach the JP (scuba harness for Boba or vest style for Jango) but finally seeing Mando and Boba without their Jetpacks on make me wonder what they might have used.

The shot with Boba without his JP in the episode “The Believer” almost looks like he has a rectangle box that the JP hooks to. This is also seen when Mando takes his JP off a few times. Mando has 2 metal boxes coming out from his backplate I believe. So if Boba and Mando attach theirs this way, then do the Death Watch do that as well? And if so what do you think they did?

Im working on a Bo Katan suit and am wondering about some mounting options for that seeing as it looks to be a tight fit to the backplate. It almost looks as if the JP and backplate are connected.

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Anyone have updated thoughts on how this attaches? Maybe some designs. I may work on a 3D model for a design. And if so I’ll post photos.


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Looks like it's just a couple of "L" hooks and slot boxes that would be on the pack itself to slide onto the brackets. Definitely simple in design, and could be done by the wearer but depending on the materials (if we're talking 3D) they could wear out after a few dozen time of taking it off/putting it on. Maybe some magnets in some touch points on the back plate to keep it aligned and not swinging back and forth and keep the wear an tear down on the hook mechanism?