Death Watch Jetpack Slow WIP


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I have totally fallen in love with the look of the Death Watch suit from the Mandolorian so I figured with every maker out there already doing fett packs, it wouldn't hurt to take a stab at doing this one since I havn't seen it done yet. I started on this a few weeks ago and have been making very slow, but nice progress. This is of course thanks to Alans templates for the Fett Jetpack as a base, with quite a few modifications made to match this pack closer to what we see on screen.

Here's some pics of the sideshow model released recently:
Front Right Side.jpg

And some of where I am at now:



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With the diameter of the tube being 5" and the angle of the bottom of the jetpack it was simpler to form this by carving foam rather than attempting to cut pvc by hand to the correct angle. Its also significantly lighter than a thick chunk of pvc

Another option is going to your local home depot and seeing if they have any of the carboard tubes they use for Carpets and rugs. These are about the perfect size, and they are light. Once you add some fiber glass resin to them they are strong as hell too. Ive built 2 jetpacks this way.


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That is how I built mine as well. Trickiest part is tracking down the right diameter but once you do, it's hard to beat how lightweight and durable they are