Jet Packs In The UK???


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Jetpacks In The UK???

hi guys i am new to all this,i have only been building my costume since january,but its coming on nicely(as you can see in the pic) the only thing is where in the uk can i get a jet pack?,or do i get one from the states?and who from?many thanks 8)

I haven't found any here. I'm actually scratch-building mine (I've got to make 8 of them for a movie!) you could keep an eye on eBay but they're never cheap.

Nice costume by the way
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i have been thinking about making one,its just having the time,thanks for the praise,i wore it ALL day friday(12 hours) for comic relief i raised £180 and had great fun,M
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MLC is in the UK. He makes one of the best jet packs out there. Fiberglass and super lightweight.
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Contact Bountyshunted here on the boards. He is the US contact for MLC, he can direct you to who you need to talk to.
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wow great costume. well im not sure where to buy a jet pack but if you want make one Lisafett has a tutorial. you have to give her a message saying you want the jet pack tutorial becasue see wants to keep a track on who she e-mails it to...hope this helps...

regards from The-Dark-Knight-
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hi guys

Im also from the uk and heres a pic of my painted MLC JP, his stuff is realy good as im doing MLC Boba my helmet as we speak well worth the ££
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