Jet pack progress


I went to my uncles house the other day(ruffkintoy), To work on my costume. I painted on the damage and alot of other painting, though he did the hard decals. We both air brushed and then we painted the nozzles. The hardest part for me(besides airbrushing..) was the little black parts in the nozzzle. We are almost done with the jet pack so I hope to get some pics on soon. We also started to make molds for the gun.
Overall that was the most work Ive done on it, since my uncle did the rest. We are still working on my armor, and we just got some gauntlets but we need to do more work on them.
I will try to keep you updated, but I might be loosing the internet. But if so I will keep posting from other family members computers.cya all until then.
Here's a picture of Drummer's jet pack. It still needs the piano keys and beacons. It is made of foam core board, styrofoam, plasctic and wooden balls for the thrusters.
It's such a shame when two fine members of this proud group stoop to painting up an MLC, RA or MB pack and then pretend it's made from string and glue! Come on guys who are you kidding? ;)

Seriously, great work there guys. Had I just seen the pic I would have been wondering which of the above it was.

Very nice work indeed!

Keep it up.
I agree. Looks a lot like a Mardon pack actually. Kudos to you sir. Strong work!

Fantastic jet pack guys!!

Did you make the wooden balls? Where did you find them? And what did you use for thruster cones?
I picked the wooden balls up at Hobby Lobby, not sure what size they were though. I drilled,dremeled and carved out the details in them. The thruster cones are just air fresheners that were trimmed and sanded.
I'll try to get better pictures of them.
I have coated tennis balls with bondo, sanded them smooth, and slathered more bondo inside. they weigh a ton and are too brittle. I was going to create a mold from them and cast them in FG but wooden ones would be perfect. I'll go to Michaels hobby store to see what I can find!
Thanks for the hobby lobby tip...

I went there this morning and could not find big enough wooden balls. I did find some thing better though!!! I found silver xmas tree bulbs that are thin plastic, filled with styrofoam, and have a metallic silver plastic coating!!

Light and very strong.
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