Jet Pack Progress

Jetpack Progress

Here is how my JP is coming along now...

From the looks of it, you're doing a sweet job. But could you take a picture of it outside in daylight or in a room that's brighter. Sorry, that just looks really good, and I just want to be able to see it in better lighting.:love:love:love
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It does look good, but I have to say that I agree with BufFETT when I say it may need more light my friend.
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Sorry guys i dont have a digicamera just my phone. i can bring it outside tomorrow during daylight to try and get a better pic for u. It was raining and nasty out today though.
Thanks for the compliments.
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Yeah I took my whole suit out in the nasty weather yesterday, luckily when I was outside it was not to nasty.
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k well i still havent had a chance to get it outside but i did use a light this time... also the jet pack is assembled now.
Please give me your honest opinion. In my mind there are some rough spots.

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Here's a pic of the jet pack outdoors.. still need to do some finishing touches and detailing.

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