jet pack measurements?

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I think the real questions is: Does anyone know of blue prints or diagrams showing the dimensions? I've heard a lot say its 19" from thruster to thruster, but they fail to explain if its from inside thruster to inside thruster, center of thruster to center of thruster, or outside of thruster get the idea. Blurprints would be great!! I know there has to be someone out there that has a great looking pack that is pretty dead on. It wouldn't be too hard to take and make a diagram would it? He'd have my vote for President of Ord Mantell!!!
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Make it so it looks "right" on your frame. Use the absolute measurements as a guide, not as a be-all-end-all. I scaled my personal one down, I made another one that was one inch wider than standard for those with a larger frame. There are a lot of measurements and the reality is that it will just take you a while to figure it out. I have not seen any jet packs that look like they have the correct measurements in all dimensions.
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Don't know what we'd do with out ya Lisa. I figure what I'll do is take your advise and with that in mind I have decided to build mine from cardboard first just to get basic size and all.
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jetpack measurements?

Maybe this has been asked before, but does anyone have any measurements on the jet pack?
Yeah, it's kinda important.

We need to make a jet pack completely from scratch and we have until the 10th to finish. :)
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I'm not sure about the specs for the real JP, back at Celebration 1, I spent about three hours taking measurements off of the Don Post lifesize BF replica that was there. If anyone's interested those measurements, let me know. It's got a little bit different design to it, but it's a good starting point.
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I think it's something like 19-21 inches from jet to jet, 14-15 inches for the body that touches your back. It depends on your size, too. I scaled mine down a little so it would fit better, but for other people I would scale it up so that it wouldn't look tiny on their backs. Fett's is actually fairly large on his back. Just check out pictures and measure yourself, then decide how big the jet pack should be for you.

edit: Be sure to look at pictures of the "real" costume.
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Mine (a GA fiberglass) is 32" tall (from the bottom tank caps to the missle tip), 20" wide (from thruster to thruster), and the side tanks are 3-1/2" deep.
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This is a hard one, I tried a couple of times to get my jet pack the right size and it ended up a bit big, or I'm a little too small for it. It looks very cool but I think its a bit large........ I don't know if I want to make a new one, but if I do it will be fiberglass!
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I think Lisa brings up a good point that too many of us forget. In our eternal quest for complete accuracy of dimensions and measurements, we lose the overall effect for our personal costumes. I think this is one reason many people are unhappy with the outcome of their costume. Everything may be exactly to the original specs, except the person who is wearing the costume. One major consideration as I make my suit is fit. If the costume doesn't fit on you like Fett's did on Fett, you'll lose the impression and illusion of Fett. two cents
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