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Ok, I have been going over the use of the JP by both father and son and have come to the conclusion that Boba's use in ROTJ is alot more feasible and realistic when you really look at the design of the JP. I am thinking it is meant to be used for propelling rather than flight. I guess the scene in CLONES that, while looking cool, isn't really that realistic is Jango's superman flight when he grabs Obi Wan's hands. There is no way to steer or control horizontal flight. His helmet doesn't have any rocketeer fin. :lol: although the nozzles rotate, that would only thrust you forward, but still in a vertical position, like when Boba takes off from Jabba's sail barge and land with blaster ready on the skiff. The scene when Jango takes off staright up is great, but the flying scene...I dunno.

What do you guys think?

What do you guys think?
I agree, although it would theoretically be possible to have a degree of left and right directional control by varying the power to each thruster. Apply more boost to the right thruster, you'll turn left, and vice versa. This method, however, would mean that the jet pack directional response would be like an oil tanker, and certainly wouldn't allow for any tight turns, etc.

I suppose you could bank and then use the nozzle rotation as a direction control (i.e, if you're on your side, then the nozzles effectively rotate left and right in relation to the 'Y' axis (horizontal).

All in all, I still agree with you JB. More of a jump assist than a flying machine.

I think we're getting dangerously close to the "are we taking it a bit too seriously?" line with this discussion, but hey, who cares! :lol:

Here's my thoughts on the Jet well as other helmet parts...

In the novels, Boba Fett's Mandalorian helmet is filled w/ several micro-computers- allowing communication w/ Slave 1, various scanning modes, communication w/ various individuals (when given the appropriate "walkie-talkies" by Fett), it is supposedly a highly technical piece of hardware. So, it's safe to assume that his helmet has some piece of trick hardware in it that aids in Jet Pack Navigation...

I am not a fan of Jango's "flight capabilities". It is NOT realistic. Boba Fett's flight characteristics are FAR MORE accurate. Much like the Bell Rocket Belt of the 60's. HOORAH!
Lemme get this straight, you are discussing if something from an unfeasable universe is feasable. Think about it, lightsabers arent feasable either but nobody argues that.
But i do agree that Boba's ROTJ flight was more likely than Jango's AOTC flight.

Just my $.02
In some original concept art, the nozzles pulled out from the sides of the jet pack to go in front of you, and you could steer them with your hands. They had little handles.
I agree that Boba's was more believable.

But, I don't think that anybody considers two things:

1) The nozzles may be INDEPENDENT from each other, thus allowing a twisting/banking motion. After all, we didn't know the rangefinder could go BACKWARDS, did we?;)

2) He can use his own weight/ legs to steer.

Another theory:

He uses a repulsor/tractor to go around objects. Hey, anything's possible. Maybe he "slingshot" himself around the antenna.:facepalm
More realistic? Pfffffft. It's called suspension of disbelief and its something that's required quite often in Star Wars (i.e. sound in space)
Well, lets not forget that the rocket packs that do exist provide more of a vertical lift that a "Superman" style of flight.

Sound in space is one thing...Rockets Packs on the other hand...that's a whole different story. ;)
Not real?!


One of my mates brothers girlfriend's, cat's budgie's sister's owners boyfriend once had a mate that knew someone that went to school with a guy who might have worked at Lucasfilms in the '70's and I have it on very good authority from that source that Star Wars was filmed live! (ESB and RotJ were recorded however, due to the hilarious mispronounciation of a lot of Chewies lines which caused great offence to the wookie audiences on Kashykk (sp?)

So there.

*Fingers in ears* "La la la la I'm not listening, la la la"

Foxbatkllr got it in one, willing suspension of disbelief. It's a shakespearean concept that helps you immerse yourself in the story, despite the fact you know it would never happen.

There are people who have written books on the technologies involved in Star Wars and Star Trek etc, and hypothesised (sp?) as to whether they are possible (things like repulsorlift engines etc). And they say it's all true! (well, some of it might be possible in the future, which is nearly the same ;) ).

Each to their own. I choose to willingly suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the films while I'm watching them. If you choose to analyse the technology and spend your time during the movies saying "that would never happen because, yada, yada, yada...." then more power to you if that's what you enjoy. Just don't do it loudly while you're sat near me, or I'll tip my popcorn on you ;)

And, at the end of the day, careful how sensible you try and come off in a thread like this. Remember, we are (most of us) all grown ups and we are here because our hobby is playing at dressing up as a spaceman!

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