Jango's boots - Passable substitute?

What is that in dollars? I'd settle for something economical and relatively close to the real deal until you find the final version you want. You never know when you can score real KC's like Uri did or a Reinone boot pops up on ebay.
They sell those boots at our local uniform shop. Fairly cheap as far as work boots go, about $80. Danner makes a low top called a Striker that has a nice looking sole. I still have an old pair of those SWAT boots laying around from work. They're pretty comfortable. You can get almost any police boot you want at Galls.com
Those boots remind me of the jungle combat boots..you know the ones with the side nylon mesh instead of the solid leather ones. Any one ever tryed combat boots to see how they look? Just a thought since they would be easy to get ahold of and fairly cheap too.
I don't thinkt how far up they fit matters as all you see is the sole. As for weathering, well that's easy to do yourself.
I got those first boots about 2-3 years ago for around $30. They are very comfortable to wear and are easy to move in because they aren't completely leather. Might I add that they are extremely durable as well.
Did you modify them at all? I was thinking of getting them and using a 1/4 inch drill bit and shapiong the sole with it. I think with the foot armor and silver on they would look great!

If you have some pics I would love to see them because I am pretty dead set on getting these if my house deal falls through!
I just found a pair of boots that are similar to the Jangos and would be quite passable if modified.

Do a search on eBay for these: ""Naot Leather Ankle Boot Moc"

These looked pretty good. Ran across them while looking at boots to make a pair of Boba Fetts :D
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