Jango_Wes\'s boot review (now with pics)

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Jango_Wes's boot review (now with pics)

This is an honest opinion and my feelings on the boots and I'm in noway knocking any one on this, it is just an over all observation when the two boots are compared side to side.

First off, aside from the spikes not being there, I'm overly all happy with the JW boots as they are a nice boot.

Neither boot is overly accurate compared to the real one.

But, when compared to my MC's there is a difference.

To be honest,when the boots are compared, my MC's are better in quality and construction then the JW's boots.

I'm not knocking the boot maker, but the quality and construction of MC's is much better and cleaner made.
The front toe material is bunched up on the sides on the JW's where it conforms with the toe area, where as the material on the toes on the MC's are nice and smooth and configured tight to the toe with absolutly no bunching.

On the JW's the material on the edges of the ribbing is pulled away from around the ribbing leaving some gaps around the ribbing bends, where as MC's they are nicly sewn tight and show absolutly no gaps and have an overall cleaner look.

There was a couple stains on the JW boots heels, but hey, that helps with the weathering. :D

The soles on the MC's is nice and smooth, even, conformed, and flush where it is against the base of the boot materia. Where on the JW's the sole is missing a chunk of material on both boots in where they are layered and just looks very slopply done.

I do like the toe design and and cloth, elastic color choice much better on the JW's over the MC's.

Don't get me wrong JW's boots are a nice boot, but MC's are far better in quality.

A rating of the both boots compaired to as quality and construction 1-10 and 10 being the highest....
MC's would be a 10 were as JW's I feel IMHO be 8-8.5

Rating on cloth materials used....
JW's 10 and MC's 8

If you don't already have a set of boots, these are a great boot for the $$$.

They both have theire good points and bad, but IMHO overall MC's beat out JW's in the long run.

I already beat the hell out of my JW's already.

Again, I'm not knocking anyone or attacking any one, this is just my honest opinion on the boots.
I just wish communication on the project was better.
Thanks Wes.

*edit* here pics of both boots side by side...





MC boots on..

JW boots on....

*edit* adjusted the photo urls to reflect the new photo server.
Thanks for the review, can you post pictures of the 2 pairs of boots??

I hope the shoe maker can resolve most of the issues you point out for the remaning shoes to be finished. :)

Since I dont have MC boots I will be happy anyway with the JW boots. :)
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Have to agree with Lynn's critique. Don't have an MC boot in hand to compare but spent a lot of time looking at a Fetts foot at C2. Luckily he was cool about it and happy to show me his boots on and off his foot. There is some Pre weathering apparent on the ones received. But never planned on a clean Boba anyway. For the price and boot in hand I am very pleased and happy with Wes's work and product. The bunching at the toe is only noticeable if your REALLY looking when worn and know about it. By the time I get done weathering them I think it will be a moot point. I would recommend them and having Worn them all day yesterday they are pretty comfortable. My hat off to Wes and his colleague for their time, effort and excellent boot. I won't be switching or upgrading these! Just adding the spikes when they arrive.
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I'm glad to see you like your boots. I know Wes appreciates the positive comments.

Fett Girl
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After the last MC run fell through, im glad to see some one stepping up to the challenge and banging these out. Thanks Wes for all your time and effort! -Tim
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Can you post pics of the MCs and mine? I have yet to see a comparison shot.

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If Wes decides to make a second run, I think I'll put up for sale my MC 10.5 to get a pair of JW 11's. My MC's are fine wearing thin socks, I'm just a weeeee bit worried about wearing them for hours at a time...I've got a bit of a wide foot...

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Guys, some people have different opinions about the boots itself, but let me tell you that the quality in materials JW boots are WAY better than MC for the money.

Lynn, I know somehow that you didn't got an good first impression, but we have to look at all the factors in between this project.

Wes was just the mediator in this matter (almost like I was at the beginning), now Fett Girl being watching the comments or the PR person here in Jango_Wes behalf...

I'm happy so far by the results, specially for the fact that I didn't have NO PREVIOUS MC's PAIR around, which I needed so far at a point (no pun intended), which your critics about each pair is accepted in this forum, and respected as well.

For the ones that don't have a pair yet, this was (and probably is) the only chance to get a pair for the price. In other words, don't blame Wes' effort about it, cause he's not the one creating the boots or being involved in the manufacture of boots (besides this was done while he was starioned in Arizona, but he's now in Texas), so it's even more difficult for him to deal with it....just don't shoot the messenger!!! (If you read the first and the topic about it, you'll know who's actually responsible and who's making it, which is not his fault either...just happens).

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Im sure Lynn was one of the 1st people to recieve the 1st pair in the 1st batch. Unfortuantly practice makes perfect and there's bound to be some bumps in the road along the way to the final product. By the way, thanks for your comparison of the MC to JW boots Lynn.
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DarthVader1 wrote:

Lynn, I know somehow that you didn't got an good first impression, but we have to look at all the factors in between this project.

In other words, don't blame Wes' effort about it, cause he's not the one creating the boots or being involved in the manufacture of boots (besides this was done while he was starioned in Arizona, but he's now in Texas), so
it's even more difficult for him to deal with it...just don't shoot the messenger!!!

For the record, I think the boots are a great boot for the $$$, I like the material choice better and the toe design better as I stated above.

Wes did not know about the spike issue, but Scott did, and should have let Wes or the others who's boots were going out know.

I have no hard feelings with Wes and Scott and I have emailed them both and have told them so.

I understand things happen and there are delays in production, that is life and I don't have a problem with that part, but my whole biggest beef was the toe spikes and plates not being there and just a note saying there were some changes and they were to be delayed with no communication as to saying so before they were shipped from at least Scott.

You get a product not finished with a note saying so after they have shipped and arrived with no communication before hand? That is a little different, I would also have been willing to wait as well had I known.

But just put your self in my place when the boots did arrive, can you imagine what I felt when I opened the box and saw no spikes or toe plate on the boots and a note stating why when I was under the assumption they
were all done and ready to go according to the posts and updates in the thread and the extras that were sold earlier?

Had Scott emailed me and said "Hey, BTW....." or If Scott told Wes and Wes emailed me and said "Hey, BTW..." I would not have a problem and I would have been cool with it.

Thats the biggest reason why I was not happy, had I known that this would have happened up front when they were shipped I wouldn't have had a problem it at all with it because I wasn't caught off gaurd.

That is the only reason why I was a little upset.

Scott did email yesterday saying the spikes were fixed and were going out on Mon.
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Got mine today, and I am impressed. They are better than the ones I made and I think they were well worth the money. Still waiting on the spikes as well. There was some minor clumping in the toe area and mine are a size 8 but they could probably fit a 9. Mine had small pre weathered spots as well. Overall they are better than I thought theyd turn out though. Really impressed.

Thanks Wes for the time and energy you put into these.
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personally, i love JW's boots. i think they are some of the best out there. they are the closest you are going to get to the real thing in a reasonable price. :)
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****, those boots are sweet. Much better than the CABoots.

Is it just me, or do the CABoots look like they are black and white?

Keep up the good work anyway.

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