Jango Westar Blaster blueprints - Completed


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Very impressive work on these blaster diagrams! I readily admit I am bewildered by the precision...I think I must-needs contact a professional for this Work. Great job again, wizardofflight!


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has anyone had the blasters machined from these blueprints and do you have pics

I am working on a revised set of blueprints for the Westars, they are nearly ready for posting.

If anyone has used these to machine a blaster I wasn't informed. I would like to see the results if someone does.

I have been collecting the materials and the tools to make my on set. I still need to get some heavy bar stock for the muzzle.



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Hey Alan, thanks heaps for the work. I decided to add two of these to my collection. I have two DL44's and am currently working on a Greedo Killer.
I have been looking everywhere for more info on them and even ordered a couple of plastic ones as place holders and was going to try and do take offs from them.

I have just ordered on eBay the Ali and brass for the barrel for less than a $100 for the two (Bargain) I'm hoping to get them machined, but if it's to pricey I might just buy a small lathe.

I also want to have a go at casting the handle in aluminium as empty cans are everywhere(So no cost)

Once again, thank you and I will post as the project continues.