Jango Westar Blaster blueprints - Completed


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Well it took a bit longer than I expected (so long the original thread is now gone) but here are the Westar blueprints for your enjoyment and edification.

I attempted to try and dimension the pistol grip, but I final gave up you'll have to use a full size printout as a template. Too many curves.

The image below is a sample the full set of blueprints is in the PDF file just below the image. For printing the first page is 22"X34" the rest are 11"X17" unless you have a large format printer you will need to take these to Kinkos or someplace similar to get them printed full size sorry but it was the best I could do.

Feedback is always welcomed.


Updated 11/23/2013 Added revised Westar PDF Drawings.

JangoBlaster Thumb.jpg


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Rich D

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Really really great work as usual, Alan. This is the kind of information that really propels the hobby forward.


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It might already be written in there, but to my understanding, Jango only had a trigger guard (ring) on one blaster, not both. Other than that they were identical.

Your drawings are amazing! Thanks so much for all you do!
The drawings for the blasters are awesome. What kind of materials would you recommend for building the pieces? I'd like to give it a try but I'm not sure what to buy to make the various parts.

Mandalorian Guard

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Sure this a silly question.
With these blue prints, are we allowed to show these to company to get them made? Won't cause trouble will it?
Thought I check since there a company logo at the bottom right.


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At last I could to download the pdf document¡¡¡ Thats is fantastic¡¡¡ thanks a lot for the advise....

And great work¡¡¡ ¿Could you tell me what program do you used to make them?...


Aden Kyramud

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OK, so I'm an idiot...how should I go about getting someone to manufacture a set of these things? Where should I go to get them made? OR (far better) can I possibly make them myself???

Mandalorian Guard

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I noticed pages 1 and 9 on the blaster end don't tie up. The blaster ends have small holes instead of one big hole, like the MR pairs. Can this be changed to reflect that?