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Hi all new to the boards.... I know I should do more searching before asking questions, but has anyone taken a Jango helm and converted it to a Boba helmet? I don't know Star Wars history, but wouldn't that be the helmet Boba would have started with and just painted over to his own scheme? The main reason I am thinking of this is due to the fact it already has the full length T-visor which would require less modification to the helmet's structure (if I got a Rubies or DP) and having to spend extra on the extended visor shield.

I am looking at going more towards ESB rather than RTOJ, because I think for the simple fact it was the best episode, story-wise, of the "original" trilogy and I like the earlier look Boba had. Would anyone suggest doing this (conversion) or staying away for accuracy purposes? The other option I am considering is builing my OWN bucket. WOL's BP/template seems easy enough to follow and looks down right awesome.

Is there an ETA on production for these Jango helmets? I would love to build my own, but I ask because I don't know that I would have the time to build one and it would be great to get one well before Halloween.

I apologize for not researching this out more in detail. I am new and haven't had much time to do many searches yet and I just got SO excited when I saw this (Seeker's post) I had to ask with out taking the time to do further research, so please excuse my noobishness with regard to Mandalorian armor and eagerness to get responses to this subject. Thanks in advance.

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Here's a picture of a BKBT Jango helmet that I converted to an ESB Boba. It now belongs to TheDentedOne.



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Neil -

I am not sure how eay it would be at all. Considering you'd have to make the dent on the helmet. It sounds like a very ambitious project and hopefully some of the other members here will be able to help you or point you in the right direction to get things done! :)

Good luck in your venture and please keep us updated!


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mine is a jango to boba convert..Theyere right it wasn't easy and mine was a cheapie helmet before I added everything.

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Thanks for the input... yeah I knew of the battle damage, but I thought I could just use my trusty Dremel and some JB weld. I just wasn't sure what other parts needed to be converted or what structural integrity would be lost cutting out the visor section to extend it. Most of the rest of the mod is just paint, isn't it?



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I'd say save yourself the trouble and just get a Boba.

The visor has to be replaced anyways, plus you'll have to make the dent and cut off and reattach the earcap in the right position.

With a DP Boba, there's less modification with the same outcome.


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Making a dent really isn't that hard... I've never in my life worked with Bondo before, but I think that I did a pretty decent job. This is my sons $25 Jango 2 piece injection molded Rubies. Lucky for me that he changed his mind to Boba, it'll give me a chance to get a practice run painting before I start my helmets. ;)



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