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Hey guys, this may have already been discussed? However, understanding that this has indeed been a topic of discussion for sometime I have to ask. Has anyone noticed that the RF does move during the kamino duel? Watch closely as jango fires off the rocket the RF moves backward, then forward. Thoughts?
The RF does move but only in the CG world. The actual prop made for the film was stationary. The entire flight sequence during the fight is all CGI.
mullreel and i have discussed the stupid movement of the rf in the cg scenes. though that was the least ridiculous part of that particular shot, when did jango get bit by a radioactive spider?
LMAO! And I expect nothing less from Saintnasty! LMAO!...Never the less...it moves :D...I just may have to install a backward servo kit;)
seriously, jango "spidermans" around the thing he's crawling on. it's a vertical surface and he's crawling on it like a bug and gravity doesn't apply to him. check it out right here: http://youtu.be/8tMZdrUx8eM?t=29s

watch closely, you'll also see his rf go backwards right as he fires the rocket.
He's just that good of a bounty hunter....don't be hatin...

You'd need an aluminum RF stalk to work properly with a servo wouldn't you? I would think a resin one wouldnt hold up very well at the bolt point as the backing rod does not extend down into the circle....ask me how I know lol.
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Lmao this is hillarious!!!....JC can you work on a CG RF and servo for me?lolol....you know ill be grabbing yours pretty soon my friend(y)
There is a practical meaning for the RF to tilt backward, because while he is behind that column and is shooting his rocket, he need the RF that way to allow him to target Obi-Wan Kenobi. The sad part is that they did this only with the CGI model and not with the real suit.
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and don't forget that by the time Jango takes the kick from Obi Wan that sends them both off the side the RF is gone completely..........
Indeed the stalk does go back and forth. The dent appears when Jango had a battle with Mace Windu at Geonosis.

I don't see any flashing LEDS thought like Boba Fett does.
One of the best scenes.... great to see range finder used so strategically and precisely

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