Jango Rangefinder lights?

There are leds, and blue.

Nope, the real Jango helmet doesnt have them.

it's just a matter of taste. If i had another helmet, i would do it just for the fun of it. I really think the prop makers for Episode II were very lazy. The helmet looks pretty much a hurry up helmet.

look at the side of the range finder. it doesnt line up like boba's. And if you had a chance to look at Fettpride's helmet, you will see that it was made to be installed just like boba's. :facepalm
I wasn't sure about whether or not he had them either, so when I did my Boba conversion, I left a slight outline of the marks for where they're supposed to be. I might chop up some Lite-Brite pegs and put em up there.
There are leds, and blue.


I have never seen this pic? Very cool!
Thanks for sharing it KaanE.:cheers
I sure would like to see more pics of the GBH helmet/suit.
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