Jango MR Westar 34 Display Case


Ok, so this was about a 14 to 16 week leed time but man this guy is worth it folks!

If you need an acrylic display case (for whatever) I highly recommend J-Display.

This guy provides his phone number and is an awesome guy to deal with! He's out of Cincinnati OH and he made me a 100% perfect fit, top of the line (I'm talking museum quality) display case.

He doesn't just take a size and use some kind of production line and pump out cheap easily crackable or breakable clear plastic. This is next level! He told me it would be and he wasn't kidding... he's a bit more expensive than some others I found but not much and well worth the price.

He made me a 5 panel square parallel and embedded joint fabricated case using the highest quality acrylic.

15,3/4" x 6,7/8" x 13,3/4" and it is perfect. Way stronger than my previous case from MR that frankly broke quite easily.

Just thought I'd give a shout out and recommend him to the great folks here on TDH. Anyone who needs a case for their blasters, sabers or whatever! I will definitely be having him do some more cases. Length, and size is no issue he took all my info over the phone and walked me thru exactly how he wanted me to measure it and the result (in this "case" - pun intended) was perfection!

Below I will post a link and some pics

He doesn't do wood base but does do the mirrored base stand (if needed) he has a clean room and wood shop and acrylic just don't mix

But check out the website and a super nice Dooku case he did...
www.displaycasej.com/store/count-dooku-light-saber-case/0a8d03c2-5b07-4111-a8cd-580669879997?category=star wars display cases




Looks Good ! I had a display case made for a Thermal Detonator that didn't come out as well as I had hoped.
When I get ready to get it re-made I'll get in touch with this guy....Thanks !
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