Jango ID Strips


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OK I really need some help. I have a set of formed armor with out the little ID strips on the left chest plate. Waht can I do to make these? Please help me....
I just simply cut the holes out for them and glued another piece of plastic big enough to cover the area behind the main armor plate. Works fine and looks fine.
Are they there and just not cut threw all the way? If so they don't need to be cut out. Jango's is not cut out completely. As seen in the pic below. :D

Jango chest.jpg
Depending on what type of material you're using for the armor plates.
My armor is a thicker type of plastic, but I cut completely through mine,
glued another piece of plastic behind the holes and you can't even tell.
If you just go for the indent you may have trouble keeping things even as
far as depth goes.
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