Jango helmet GASKET interest thread


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Hi all,
I'm about to have a prototype Leather Gasket made for my BKBT Jango bucket and thought I might check to see if anyone else is in need.

I should have a cost estimate in a few days, just waiting on the quote.

If there is enough interest I'm happy do a small run.

Here is a reference pic of the real thing.


TheDentedOne FPCC
FettFanatic BKBT
CGClone FPCC x 2
Bleahhh BKBT
Darksaber212 BKBT & FPCC
Foxbatkllr FPCC
Eskilax FPCC
Predatormy BKBT
Novall Talon BM
td0488 BKBT
TK4426 ??
ItsThatGuy ??

UPDATE: Prototype & prices coming in 1 week!

Picture 1.gif
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Hmmmm, this is something I've been meaning to get too, but keep putting off! I might be interested, will it be made from dark blue leather?

BKBT gasket


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Hmmmm, this is something I've been meaning to get too, but keep putting off! I might be interested, will it be made from dark blue leather?



Yep, I got a nice, not too thick dark blue leather.

I'll post a pic when I can, but it is nearly dead-on to the un-weathered Loanstar vest color.

When the quote comes in I'll let you guys know, and if I can say to her I want 10 of them, thats gotta bring the price down!!!:cheers


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Hey Capt how does it connect to the helmet and would it be very hard to modify for a smaller helmet like a cold cast?

I believe it's glued into the screen used helmet, but I have seen members here also use Velcro.
There will be extra length to the outside of the gasket to attach it to the inside rim of the helmet in your preferred style, glue or velcro.

For the Cold Cast Jangos I would assume a smaller gasket would be needed.
If you want to send me an outline of your bucket I'll see what I can do.
Also, lets all specify BKBT gasket or a FP cold cast gasket and I'll see what I can do.
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I need a gasket for a BKBT helmet.

Look at post number 70 in this thread. This is how I was thinking that it is attached.

Either attachment method should work fine.
If you look close at this pic (of the screen used Jango) it appears that there is no 'velcro gap' like there is in the BKBT thread post 70.
This is why I believe it's glued in.

But I'm open to further discussion on this, thoughts?

Picture 2.png


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I like the velcro method personally. That way if you ever have to take it out you can do so, but if the person making them just made the tabs long enough then we could either glue it in or use velcro. That is just my thoughts.


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Yep, I sent a request to Asok for the FPCC pattern, so we'll see what happens.

Also, my seamstress has just let me know she's away on holidays till August, but will get onto this as soon as she returns.
She has said yes to doing a small run of about 10 gaskets, but doesn't want to quote till she has had a chance to make a prototype.
I also suspect we can get more than 10 Gaskets made if needed.
I'm going to ask for a rough quote (on 10 gaskets) just to get an idea on the price range, but other than that it looks like a waiting game for the next 40 days.

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Hey guys,

I would suggest having the gasket removable. It looks great as a display piece but it really gets hot in there when actually wearing the helmet. I had two cooling fans in my old helmet that helped, but you regular troopers in hot climates may find it to be too much when it is all sealed up.