Jango headgear shots


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I'm planning on trying to make some kind of headgear for my Boba costume similar to what Jango had in the cockpit of Slave I. I think I'm going to use some foam sheets to build it up, then cover it in vinyl, but I'd like some more pictures...anyone out there have any?
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Good luck! :) I hope you make it snug enough so you can slip your helmet on over it comfortably. If it works, you'll have one of the most unique sets of head gear ;)

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Taht's a really good idea. First I've heard like it. Nice pics too.
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Seeker has one of these headgear thingys that looks pretty good
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here ya go. This was made of foam with a vinel layer on top.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/headgear1.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/headgear2.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/headgear3.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/headgear4.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/headgear5.jpg>
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Awesome pics Arturo. Very Nice.

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Excellent! Now if we all looked like Seeker, we would look just as good in the head gear and actually look like Jango!
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Arturo NO way!!! That's excellent!!
Hey - do you have an ARENA jpack yet? I'd like to assist you
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That looks awesome. Thanks for all the angles. Where did you get those cool buckles?
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Jango's Headgear...

Hey fellow fett heads, I was wondering are any of you guys going to make the "Head Gear" that Jango wears beneath his helmet? I was thinking of making it so that I could take my helmet off and still stay "movie accurate" in public. SEEKER, I know you appear to be wearing one in your avatar, what did you make yours from? Below are some reference pics Ive collected so far. I think Im going to use rubber, or pehaps leather to make mine. Maybe even add a functional headset for conversational purposes. Any ideas, thoughts, pics, info, please post!


Actually I was thinking of doing that also.
I have a voice box headset mic that just wraps around
my ear which is notoriously prone to falling off. I
thought if I made that headpiece that I could secure
the mic much better AND look more movie accurate sans

Plus...it helps that I also have short black
hair & a dark complexion!) :love
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sounds good malcfett, I was thinking of even figuring out a way to mount the helmet to the headgear solidly so that the whole thing is functional. just pop it on and off, I mean lookit Jango's system...His head didnt even come off after his, um..."accident" :)
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Actually, his head did fly out of the helmet before it lands and rolls. Watch the shadows.
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Uh oh, don't tell me this great debate is starting again ;)

Over on theforce.net boards there was a huge argument on this, Im kidding of course...It would be pretty macbre to see a young Boba cradling his dad's helmet...with the head still inside...! In fact, now that I think about it, He never was wearing headgear on geonisis. Maybe that's why his head fell out!
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On the topic of headgear...I was thinking of making a set out
of foam covered in liquid latex. Is there some way of coloring the latex before applying it? If not, what can you use to color it after it dries ( and not having it all rub off)?

BTW- if someone can help me out with my querry on the gauntlets thread...i'd appreciate it a bunch! :)
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I was thinking that craft foam might work for this- it comes in paper sized sheets, is about 1/8" thick, can paint it with acrylic paint, flexable, cheap ($0.33 per sheet) and easily available at your local Walmart (unless you have a WalMart like mine that NEVER restocks the stuff I need!!!)
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Great idea! I get this stuff at Hobby Lobby, I scuffed and cut up some brown sheets and used them to make my holsters.
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