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Hello all, I have received alot of emails regarding the actual Jango costume, so I thought that I would type up a little bit of a summary on everything. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but if you are going for accuracy, here you go...


Kenneth Cole Pit Crew with all logos removed (this goes for everything on the costume actually, all replaced with the LAK logo). Snaps inserted to boots near the lower back for the shoe armor to attach to.


Heavy material, velcro up front (from waist to collar), double sleeves. Underneath the double sleeves are attachments for the gauntlet tubing to clip into. Slits cut into flight suit for armor attachments at shin, knee and thigh. Also, three slits in back for the jet pack attachment. The flight suits color is always a fun topic. In normal, it is a dark lavender or purple. In brighter light, it looks even more purple. However, in darker light or shade, it takes on a blue tint. I actually just finished dyeing my flightsuit after many, many, many, many trial runs and finally got the most accurate color that I have been able to find. It looks like a deep purple, but changes color in different light, just like the real one. If anyone is interested in the dye mix for their own flight suit, I can post it.


Not much explination needed on the armor, I think everyone has a pretty good idea on this. On the back of the shin and thigh armor, there are two sets of elastic bands that go inside the flight suit (through the slits), around the leg, and snap into the backside of the armor pieces. The knee armor only has one piece of elastic and also goes into the flight suit. Surprisingly, there is not a single piece of velcro on Jango.


Jeesh, this is a busy area. Okay, first you have the cod piece belt. Simply the cod piece armor attached to a belt that goes on first. Secondly, the gun holster. Leather belt with leather piece that hangs down and connects with the small metal piece that connects the two rings. Next, the rope belt. To be honest with you, I didn't count the braids in it, but it is a leather braided rope belt. I personally am doing a regular rope belt dyed brown until I can find a nice leather rope belt. Finally, on top of everything, the 7 pouch ammo belt. Once all of that is on, the is a wide piece of leather that ties around the very back (where all the buckles are) in order to cover up all the connections.


Dark gray leather with zipper opening on the right side under arm and at neck. Slits in back for the jet pack straps. All of the chest, shoulder and back armor is permanently attached. It appeared as if it was glued on along all edges. I tugged on the chest plates and there was no way they were coming off.


Navy blue smooth leather gloves. Not much else to say about those.


I'm not going to go into what they look like, I think everybody knows that. But there are a couple of interesting little tidbits. The guantlets are hinged, they are then locked into place once they are on by a long metal pin that slide in from the forearm to the wrist on the inside of the guantlets. Let me tell you, they were a bitch to get locked. There is no way they could accidentally come undone. Also, the tubing that come out of the gauntlets connects under the second sleeve with connector pieces. I don't know how to describe them exactly, they look like what are on backpacks or something like that. They just snap together and lock into place.


Also, no need for explination. The harness is interesting though. I explained it in another thread a while back, but I couldn't find it, so I will try again. Underneath the flight suit, on the chest, is a leather piece. Out of this leather piece is four straps. Two go over the shoulder and two go under the arms, all under the flight suit. In the back, the four straps connect to another leather piece that is higher on the back that the front piece is. Out of this leather piece come the three straps that connect directly to the jet pack through the flight suit and the vest. The jet pack on the mannaquin was incredibly loose, in fact, we had to have somebody hold it against the body when we lowered the protective case over it, then let it just rest on the glass.


They used a purple baclava (sp?) to cover the neck from the collar to the helmet (actually, we but it on backwards so that nobody could see the mannaquin face through the visor). Underneath the helmet, there was a navy blue gasket glued into the bottom of the helmet. You would be surprised at how simple the inside of the real helmet looks. Literally no padding with the exception of one piece of black foam at the very top. Not in the least bit comfortable. No fan, no speakers nothing inside. Rangefinder was not moveable. The helmet was alot smaller than you would think.

Well, that is a basic summary. Hopefully, it will help somebody who is putting together a Jango costume. I know that I have been incredibly detailed in the building of my Jango, almost too detailed. But, it will eventually be worth it. Let me know if there is anything else that you want to know. Have a good one.

Thanks for the right up!!

" The helmet was alot smaller than you would think. "

When you say this, do you think the Jango helmet is smaller than the ESB or ROTJ movie helmets????

It would stand to reason to me since since Jango is about 5'7" and Fett is 6' an ESB or ROTJ helmet "may" look to big on Jango.

Just a curious thought since there is alot of controversy on the "real" size of Fetts helmet when compared to the DP DLX helmets.
You didn't happen to snap a few pics of the stuff when no one was looking, did you? ;) Thanks for the info though!

Here are some pics, just click on the C2 Archive Room Set-Up, the first four pics are all Jango related:

The helmet was small, and to be honest with you, I have never held or tried on a DP Deluxe helmet, so I can't really compare. I do know that the regular DP helmet are smaller than the real deal, but not by as much as people think, the big difference is in the flare of the two helmets. The real helmet was too small for me, as you can probably tell from the pics. But, with no helmet liner in the real helmet, it was hard to get a good feel. My chin was pushing the gasket down (Damn big head). What I want to do is take a pic of the Jango Deluxe helmet from Rubies or a custom fiberglass one, with me holding it like I am the real one, to kind of compare. Never know, might help to give some perspective on the size issue.
You mean you didn't have a measuring tape and calipers with you? That must have been fun setting up the displays and getting to see all the intricate pieces of the costumes. I am officially jealous.
Oh, another question! Did Mace's saber really have BMF engraved on it?

This is from an earlier thread I thought I would put into this one.

Originally posted by zartan fett:

Hello everyone, Zartan here with the thread I promised to start. I saw some of the issues discussed while I was gone and so I'll start this really quick to get the ball rolling.

All of these observations I have are from all the pics we have scene and hours and hours of studying the new Insider(I'm going to have to buy a new one already!). Of couse I have no fact to base it on so please express your opnions so we can nail this stuff.I can't post pics just yet so if anyone wants to post the pics isolating the details(uh...Braks?) please do so.

1. Vest. I start with this since its interesting on how this is made and how its different than Boba's. It looks like a soft imitation leather material, charcoal grey in color. After inspecting the pics I noticed that it is shaped much different. First thing is the left shoulder. It is held together by velcro all the way around the shoulder and down his left side. A much different enclosure than we might have thought(this leads into the collar armor that we'll get to later).The shoulder flaps are larger than Boba's and covers the entire shoulder bells(I really like it that way). The entrie vest also has what looks like a trim of leatheraround all the open pieces.

2.Gloves. I wanted to thanks Trooperexpert for pointing me in the right direction on these. These gloves looked liked rubber(many others did too), but are in fact ultra thin leather. TE told me they are search or frisking gloves. I couldn't find any that didn't have that reinforced stitching on the back of the hand(the three lines) or that had the snap at the end on the inner wrists. What I did find were some Patrol Cabretta Gloves that looke right on. I'm picking up a pair this week so I'll let you guys know.

3.Boots. Ok so we thought we had it. In fact we may still have it. I wanted to correct my earlier post her at the RPF that these are 2001 models but are infact 2000 models. I mentioned how I went to the Kenneth Cole on 5th Ave. in NY yesterday wearing my boots asking wuestions. They told me that the 2000+ Reaction line was the only boots they produced with that sole and were only the Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Mt. Fuji. This led me to believe that these are made by someone else or the soles were used with a different boot. I even saw a woman wearing a pair of brown Candies boots that had an identical bottom and sides minus the grey highlights and raised arc.

4.Helmet. The helmet does not have a dent(obviously) and there is no rectangle inset in the cheek of the left towards the bottom and no circle protruding out of the right side.The rangefinder top piece looks more like the Boba ROTJ version missing the additional bottom piece that the earlier Boba versions had. It also has the two LEDs.

5.Neck. No ribbed neck here. It looks like the jumpsuit ends about 2-3 inches above the vest and splits down the center. Maybe there is a hood that goes down underneath that of a different fabric and color.

6.Jumpsuit. Pretty much a plain jumpsuit with the exception of the short sleeve having only one line of stitching. It seems the seam line down the front of each arm seems to be similiar to Boba's. Color is tough. It looks like a purple or violet color. I'm told that it may actually be midnight blue or another shade of blue but pictures as purple.

7. Chest armor. Well he has the LED slots but no lights. Just a metal piece underneath. The chest armor looks like a different shape than Boba's and does not have as much depth in thickness.

8. Collar armor. The collar armor does not attach to the back plate. It seems a bit shorter and ends right where the vest comes apart.

9.Rope belt. The rope belts looks diffent to me.Like its made of thinner rope.

10.Gauntlets. Now here is where I get crazy.Lets start with the right gauntlet.Very similiarto Boba's with a few exeptioc. No squares under the forearm, no tube coming out above the darts. Also on the ROTJ Boba, there are two holes in the right hand side that seems to be filled with something on Jango's. Also on the side where Boba has the fiber chord shoot out, there is a grappling hook looking dart in one shot that in in the gauntlet. I can't figure out where I have seen that before. He also has smaller coupling on the other end. Both gauntlets have the 2 hoses coming out of the gauntlets on the rear side. These tubes look similiar to purple rope light that they sell at Target.One house is also attached to the top portion out of the back. Now the left gauntlet is much different.No dental expander and NO CALCULATOR! What? Ok well I have a theory on that. I think that the calculator plate slips out from uner the gauntlet. If you look at the cover of the Insider you can see something slight visible there that looks like the end of Boba's gauntlet. This gauntlet also looks longer even with the missing calculator plate. The laser housing in more box like and shorter. The two momentary pushbutton switches seem back further. The two tubes attach to the rear of this.

11.Jet Pack. Looks the same to me bsides color and the beacon is solid not grooved.

12. Codpiece. I can't tell if he has the backiece but I assume he does and that is has something to do with how the holsters are attached to his back. You can see in some of the pics that there is a loop attached to the front of the codpiece where the fron the holsters belt through to hold it in front.The golsters are attached by loops once on each leg in the back of the thigh, onece on each side of the loop on the codpiece,a and twice on the back leading to ???

13.Belt ppouches.Look similiar to Boba's. Obviously made after his(well as far as props go).

ok I'm tired. That's all I have for now. I haven't slept much since I arrived in NY on Friday morning and getting back to LA this afternoon. Please post what you know here. Oh there will be a set of aluminum pistols made by a fan. I think they will be a nice addition to his personal collection. Other than that Fugazi makes a damn accurate pair himself.From scratch.

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