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hey guys, for those of you that have made your own leather jango gunbelts, on the thigh straps off the bottom of the holsters, how did you attach them? mine are glued, and they're on there pretty solid, but I notice when walking with them that they're slowly starting to pull away from the back of the holster. I don't want to rivet them and have the nubbin of a rivet either inside the holster to scratch up my blasters, or on the backside to tear up my armor. heres pics of my rig that I made. I'd appreciate suggestions on a different way to engineer this? thanks.









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First-up, WOW!
Loving your work (Nearly said loving your cod, oops just did).
Now to the question at hand.
One solution is to STITCH the strap to the back of the holster BEFORE you stitch the front & back halves of the holsters together. If only you had asked sooner...sorry bud.
Could you cover a rivit inside the holster with soft cloth? Maybe attach the cloth to the rivit...
Anyway, good luck.

yeah, I wish I'd thought to stitch before. and I don't wanna undo the existing stitching to try it. thanks for the compliment though :) . so far I've tried goop, epoxy, ca glue, and this wierd leather glue, all with 4-5 days cure time, and when I cinch it down on my thigh and walk it starts to pull away a little bit, and I figure with enough time it'll pop loose. NOT what I want to have happen at an event, know what I mean? :lol: as for a pop rivet, theres just not enough room for the nubbin inside the holster without scratching my blasters all to hell. I carved wood moulds of my guns measurements to stretch the leather over to make the holsters, so they fit nice and snug with no room for anything else. I'm fresh outta ideas at this point. :( anywhoo, I hope someone else comes up with somethin I havent tried. :D
Use leather cement to glue the strap in position, drill a couple of small holes for stitching & use a curved needle to pass the thread through the holes. Use a waxed thread & with a little perserverance you should be able to get the reinforcing stitches in place.


Dremmel two slits in the back of the holster & pass the strap through these. This method has the benefit that you can move the strap forward to do it up while in full costume. It is the method that I use but I use a punch to make the slits before I assemble the holster.
I'm gonna go out and kick my own @ss for not thinking of the latter method. Thanks BKBT!!! I appreciate the brain jumpstart! :D
Nice to see the solution :)

BKBT I would be curious to see a couple pics of yours for visual reference please :)
Is it just me or is the ultra shiney chrome cod peice creeping anyone else out?

Oh and great looking holsters and belt.
Here are pics of what I am talking about. The benefit of doing it this way is you can slide the strap around so you can adjust it & then move it back into position.

holster 004.jpg

holster 005.jpg
the cod is thick aluminum welded. it aint bendy but aint heavy either. Had a buddy of mine make it, and he's a majician with metal, and its buffed out. really nice work.check my site for progress pics on it. might be available for sale here soon. thanks for the pics BKBT. anybody got a line on an arena stubby pack, be it kit or complete. it's the last piece I need to finish this thing. pm me if you've got a lead or can help will ya? thanks.
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