Jango Gloves


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Have a question about the gloves, i know many are using women gloves, and they are navy-blue.
but i have hard time to find any in europe, and what kind of sizing is there i have mens size 10.

Regards Robert..


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The reason you use the women's gloves is because they are screen accurate. Men's gloves have the three lines of stitching on the back. Women's gloves don't.

I have always used the Merona gloves. I get the extra large and then cut the liners out of them. They will turn your hands a bit blue but the look is spot on. I have always tried in the past to buy some extras each year at Target and pass them on to guys here on the forum. This was the first year I didn't find them. You may check with Target on line. If you find them you can always have them delivered to someone in the states and then they can ship them to you. It may cost a few extra bucks but it gets you what you need.

There is also a brand called Fownes that often has gloves that work. A quick internet search this morning showed me several options but the issue as always is they stay out of stock for some reason. Just keep searching though. They do turn up eventually.

btw....the cutting the liner out trick really helps with size. The leather will stretch with hand a bit and you can wear a little bit smaller glove than you might think. You don't want them to be loose anyways. If you look at Jango Fett on screen the gloves fit his hands tight.