General Jango Fett dimensions


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Has anyone got the dimensions for Jango Fett (the actor, not the costume)?

Most importantly are height, shoulder circumferance, chest and waist.

I want to get my jumpsuit and vest made to the correct sizes.



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Are you making a suit for the real actor?
If he's 5 - 8 and you're 6 -2, the suit will look too small on you and not correct.


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Temuera Morrison is about 5'7. You could make an argument that Jango's actually 6 feet tall, but that would mean Obi-Wan must be 6'3 or 6'4.



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Here we go again :lol:

Tem is really is 5'7" here we are at celebration II.

I'm 5'6"

<image src=>

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Yeah, but will somebody please post a picture of Boba next to darth vader. I think Boba is at least 6 foot 1.

I'm not saying Jango is, I'm just saying somebody should have made sure the actors were the same height.


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Jeremy Bulloch is about 6 foot and although Boba is an unaltered clone of Jango, that doesn't mean Jango couldn't have given him growth hormones or fed him better to ensure he grew taller. Besides, a little height difference for a minor character shouldn't determine who you cast. Temuera is PERFECT for the role of Jango (or Boba for that matter).


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Boy this is a tough one!

I intend to have a fullsize Boba Fett mannequin standing next to a full size Jango Fett mannequin.

For Boba Fett it was easy since Jerremy Bulloch was quite slim and a standard shop mannequin is about 6' tall, 38" chest, 32" waist.

I had intended to make my Boba and Jango the same size and use the same sized mannequins. Having them both side by side the same size would probably look best.

Its going to be near impossible to find a 5'7" mannequin and Jango will look like a dwarf next to his son! :lol:

Still not sure how to procede.


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My SW costumes are strictly for display so I try to get them made to the same sizes as the orinals if possible.

I mean, I didn't ever plan on wearing my Leia ANH gown... I'm too big for it :lol:

Dark Jedi wrote:

Well how may people even made 5'7" jangos. most people I see with pictures are around 6-6'2.
I'm 5'7" is Tem Morrison.........btw he's recovering from the m/c accident..leg broken but,he's ok.......Tem looks bigger than he really is due to his "prescence".......he's a funny guy..........lotsa personality.........


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here is some food for thought on the issue of boba and jango. boba was an unalterred clone. this means he is his own person. now i am an identical twin. my twin brother is a little taller than i am. so the whole issue of casting the right size person is irrelevant. keep in mind that all though they are clones, each has there own make up. genetics 101. mutations, call it what you will.