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The pouches are 2 inches wide, 3 1/2 tall, and 1 inch deep. the side of the pouch is 3 inches tall. giving the 1/2 inch for the flap making it 3 1/2 tall.

Belt will be long enough to cut to size.

110.00 plus 3.85 shipping.

paypal to

List closed.

1. Obi Sean Kenobi - Paid
2. MonCal - Paid
3. Dgasser
4. Dark-Side - Paid
5. Tambo Fett - Paid
6. Jango Wes - Paid
7. Darksaber212



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The belts went out today except for Darkside's. The folks at the post office said they can't ship leather goods to Italy:facepalm . But tommorow I'll fill out another form and say it's something else.;)

Darkside - I sent yours yesterday and called it "Vinyl pouches for costume" hopefully the wont mess with it. I'm gonna PM you the tracking info.
glad you like em guys. Now start weathering with your own style. add some browns and black and what ever it takes to meet your weathering needs.
Dgasser and Gotmaul - Thanks guys. Are you guys serious or pulling my leg?:lol:

Dark-Side - Dude I'm so glad you got it. Kinda tuff laws in Italy. I also know that the R&B was not suppose to be in there. I think it's not allowed there either.;)

did everone else get theres yet?

I saw that italian list, its a wonder anything gets there !

of course we're serious, you did a great job- being that I am the owner of quite a few seeker belts through the years, I know the quality these chaps are getting and whats more incredible, the tremendous BARGAIN it all is.
Dark-Side said:
The belt is just arrived!!Only 5 days...SUPERFAST & PERFECT!!!!

Wow!! that is quick. I still haven't received mine .... but that doesn't surprise me with the good ole' mail service around here ;)
Mon Cal

Insured Mail Receipt # VF556293153US
Delivery Confirmation Receipt #03050830000419128246

It says it was dropped off the 26th to the PO Box and it's ready for pick up.
Cool, thanks for checking!

See what I mean?? I have had soooo many problems with packages here at my post office. I've had 2 packages lost and I've had to have them look through the back twice also :facepalm

thanks again though! I'll let you know when I finally get my hands on it :)
Yup, the package was sitting in the back of the post office. This is the 3rd time they've done that to me.

Anyway, thanks for an awesome belt Seeker!!!! very well made.
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