Jango Boots Alternative?


Hello Everyone.

I am planning to go as Jango Fett this year, but I find that the most difficult part to find for me would be the boot itself.

In your opinion, which military or police boot would look the most similar to a Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boot? (I understand there are some features that may be somewhat difficult to reproduce from the original boot but I'm looking for a good closeup.)

Ever since the Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boot has ceased production a few years ago, finding one in size 13-Wide is almost impossible.

(O.K. It IS impossible.)

I understand Reinone has also stopped production of the Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boots, so a size 13 wide is also out of the question.

Trying to find on E-Bay, a Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boot that's a size 13 wide is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. (It would like trying to find a 7 foot Jawa or a hairless Wookiee.:) )

Unfortunately, because of my shoe size, I don't have much of a choice. A size 11-12 would be tight for me and can be quite painful to walk in. (I don't want to do a impression of the evil step sisters trying to squeeze in their foot into Cinderella's glass slipper.:D )

Many of the Police and Military boots in Law Enforcement and Military Surplus Catalogues are offered in size 13 and above. I think until someone makes a production run of a reproduced Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boot, I'm afraid that I'll have to make do with something that's close enough.:(

Yeah, I know...In all likelihood, some fans will probadly run up to me at a convention and tell me that "Jango Fett" is not wearing an exact "Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew boot"...but I think that it would be even worse to limp all day, and see the foot doctor the next day because the shoe was 2 or 3 sizes too small.

Does anyone have any ideas which Military or Police boot would make a good substitute? Thanks.
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Keep the faith, this past time has a strange way of saying "Here you go!" I felt that same way when it came to Maul's F.T. Boots, but 3yrs later I have have them and boy does it ever fell nice to say it. ;) So keep your head! oops bad Maul! LOL :lol:


Rudy G.