Jango Blasters - Which ones?


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So I have started compiling a Jango Fett costume. I am currently trying to get some blasters and I thought I would ask here first. Here is my questions which are the best? I know MR but that is out of my price range. I can do some work on the guns to get them closer so that is not a problem.
What's your price range? you putting a costume together to impress your friends or are you shooting for accurasy? I'm not trying to sound like a jerk but unless you specify the level you're shooting for, you're usually going to end up getting the most expensive responses.

If you get a set of resin blasters, make sure it's from a high reputation dealer. You don't want to get a bad cast or a set made with a bad batch of resin.
I am going for accuracy but I am also going for as cheap as I can get away with.

As for a price range I would like to spend less then 50$.
I have a pair of resin westars that need to have the paint stripped off them, need to be assembled, but they look great so with not a ton of efort you could have a nice set. I'd sell them to ya for 65 shipped.
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