Jango Belt Pouch Pattern


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Her is my version of the belt pouch pattern. It is based on a 5.625" rope belt and 2.5" pouch belt, the photo was brought into CAD and scale to these dimensions and this is the result.

I haven't tested these yet, but you are welcome to them. If you have any questions let me know.

Print at 133% at 38 pixels/cm to get full size templates. But remember to scale them to fit your build, they should be in proportion to the rest of your equipment.


UPDATE 11/20/06
I have added a PDF File attachment for the medium sized patterns.



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I'll see about creating a PDF file that will print out full size. I have revised these patterns since these are for the large and X-large Jangos. How tall are you? you might want the resized patterns. Standard or metric?

I believe the correct height of Jango's pouches is closer to 3.5" and the rope belt is closer to 5" in height. Each braid on the rope belt is 1/4" and there are 19 or 20 braids, resulting in 5" in height. These measurements are a little smaller than, and therefore consistent with the Jango standup, which is a bit oversized. Of course you should scale the pouches to your own size, but if you are about 5'8 then the measurements I gave should be the correct ones for you.
The first post has been updated to include a PDF file with the medium sized pouch patterns, look in the attachments for the link. Thanks for getting me off my butt I had these done months ago, but just never got around to posting them.

From my CAD analysis with the braided belt at 5" the pouches are just over 4" tall, but print the patterns out and compare them to your own braided belt to make sure that they are properly proportioned. Remember pictures do lie an these are only estimation.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Great¡¡¡¡ I did my belt puches, but they didn't like me¡¡¡ I'm going to used your patterns.

Again Thanks¡¡¡
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