Jango Belt measurments


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OK I have searched the forums and found TWO different diagrams for Jangos ammo belt.

1. say it is 3" wide belt with 2.5" wide pouches
2. say it is 2.5" wide belt with 2" wide pouches.

Which is screen accurate? I am roughly the size as Temuera Morrison so I am going for on screen measurements.

also does anyone have a template for the blaster holsters I can use?
Okay, here's what I believe the measurements to be, backed up by the life size standee (measurements reduced by 5% because the standee is oversized) and based upon the size of the girth belt. Each braid in the girth belt is 1/4" round and there are 19 braids, making a total width of 4.75." Factor in the "spacing" between the braids and the overall width is probably about 5." The pouches cover all but 5 braids, which would be 1.25". So 5" - 1.25" = 3.75" tall pouches. They are 2" wide. Now the belt that they hang on is closer to 2" or maybe 2.25" wide. That belt covers all but 11 braids, which means 5" - 2.75" = at most 2.25". I also messed around in photoshop a lot scaling everything to the size of the blasters and knowing the size of each braid.
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